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Free up your employees so that they innovate; establish connections so that people collectively pursuit a common goal; automatize standard tasks so that the true money goes into the creative rather than the recurrent procedures. That´s what we believe in and Nytorget couldn’t agree more.

Active Directory Integration

We hit the trail and before anything else, got acquainted with the technology in place at Nytorget. There, we were greeted by a Microsoft Active Directory which was already assigning and enforcing security policies, managing office data and connecting computers across the network.

The game was on. This Active Directory was going to be integrated into our portal so that customers, administrators, and directors would all meet at the same assembly point.

The admin experience

Forty-five days of architectural design, lines of code and cups of coffee later, the finished product was ready to be revealed. As for our presentation, it went flawlessly from the introduction to conclusions.

On the admin side, an active login would now make its owner in charge of:

  • adding, editing and deleting customer accounts;
  • adding, editing and deleting other admin accounts;
  • impersonating as a specific client;
  • managing documentation,
  • uploading files into onsite computers;
  • creating folders per desired categories;

E-mail services were also incorporated in the platform so that directors, managers, and administrators with an admin account would exchange e-mails between each other or send e-mails to multiple users (other admins or customers) from the same place at the same time.

The customer experience

Subsequent to acquiring a customer account, anyone would immediately become a part of this community. Remember that Microsoft Active Directory? At last a vital element of the platform, it would grant customers with an active login:

  • direct access to their customer folders on-site via Active Directory Network;
  • the choice regarding the type and amount of data they wished to reveal to the staff at Nytorget;


Routines at the office began to speed up.
Customers were opting for the desired level of privacy and admins were guiding them through a secure system.
The platform was finally reproducing all changes in data, no matter on which computer they would initially be made.


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