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Customer Portal for Sweax AB

To ensure that not a single day is lost on redundant actions or flawed communication, Sweax AB invited us for a talk with one goal in mind for the coming platform: optimization of operations.

Sweax have made a name for themselves in the property and real estate industry managing as many as 7 000 tenant-owned apartments and rental housing units across the cities of Stockholm, Uppsala, and Norrtälje in Sweden.

In view of their popularity among associations and co-operatives, no wonder business was now growing at a hurried pace for Sweax and logistics had begun testing prior systems to their limits.

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Customer Portal for Nytorget Fastigheter AB

In March 2018 we received a phone call that would soon take us back to the drawing board.

Founded in 1999 by Per Eriksson and with 2 500 apartment units in their portfolio, Nytorget was not a customer to disappoint.

Overseeing economic departments across 60 associations, administering daily operations for a hundred buildings and sending as many as 9 000 rent invoices per year, we could tell that the platform adapted to their needs would be one to brag about for many months to come.

With such a mindset in the bag, we got straight into our lab and busy with work.

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