December 9, 2018 Development

Bringing an idea to life: How AccessoAR came to be

—–extra live demo video at the end of this blog

——no pattern markers required. no preliminary pictures need to be taken

One fine day I began bowling ideas with Robert, Triangela´s CEO about how IT would look and feel like.

With him being the technical mastermind behind all we do, I knew I would get a fair quote regarding the resources and time we would need to invest in having IT done.

“When do we start?” he asked rhetorically, and that´s when I realized we were going to do IT.

Six months later, AccessoAR has already won a national start-up competition, been selected in SLUSH 100 out of 2 500 european startups, been featured in the news as well as put us at the negotiation table with two major fashion retailers.

This is a story about our road into the unknown and how we succeeded as a team.

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February 24, 2018 Social Media

Too successful for social media? Really?

Some believe that posting nothing for days on social media functions as a symbol of professional success. You didn’t write one single comment, share one single vision with or ask for one single piece of advice from the large and exciting community opened to greet you at the click of a button? “Perfect! That means you were all wrapped up in doing everything else to ever bother yourself with such a nonsense.”

Hold it right there! Tony Robbins, Bill Gates or Elon Musk would beg to differ. And frankly speaking, so would little entrepreneur me. Care to find out why? You´re in luck! I just might have come upon the stories and numbers to prove my point. So buckle up and off we go!

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April 24, 2017 Women in Tech

Girl Power? Man Power? NO! Just power.

With all those judgmental eyes starring upon Russia, we might be surprised to find out that the giant most of us connect only to negative news, sets the standards in an IT world where gender inequality and gender stereotypes don’t even exist.

How do they pull it through? Simply by backing up women from a very young age and letting them know they can be whoever and whatever they wish to be.

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March 2, 2017 AI, Robotics

At the dawn of a robotic era, time has come for humans to practise what they preach

A 12-year-old girl looks down toward the race track, then back at her parents sitting also in the public. They´ve traveled from miles away just to be part of this event and support their favorite contestant, Chimp. She cups her cheeks in her little hands as sadness takes over excitement.  Others behind them, sobbing with just as much disappointment, seem however more optimistic.

“Maybe he will recover!” a voice echoes.

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February 24, 2017 Security

Security Alert: #CloudBleed, what steps you should take to secure yourself

You might have read in the news about the #cloudbleed incident, which can only be described as a potentially massive data leak in the Cloudflare Internet infrastructure service, used by over 2 million sites, including Triangela. This vulnerability was discovered by Google’s Project Zero Team.

Seriously though – Don’t panic, read the article below and take appropriate actions.

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January 31, 2017 Advertising

Advertising on demand – part 2 – Targeting private customers

For part 1, click here!

Target customers: individuals.

In case your product targets individuals, you will have to change your approach from a B2B (business to business) to a H2H (human to human). Got you there, didn’t I? Thought I would say B2C (business to consumer).

Well, there is nothing wrong with that either, however, what we see these days more and more of is an increasing group of companies interested in their customers´ experiences and feelings above everything else. How would their customers wish/imagine the product to look like on the inside? How would they want it packaged on the outside? Does using the product come in handy to them? How? Why is the product worth their attention? See? It is all about the customer. Hence it is of absolute necessity to KNOW this customer.

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January 10, 2017 Advertising

Advertising on demand

The winter holidays are now officially over and we are back in office ready to make your weeks funnier with our memes and share some of the experience we ourselves have and will continuously be accumulating as part of our journey.

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