Customer Portal for Sweax AB

We treat every company as an accumulation of internal and external components. This exact philosophy led us in structuring the project accordingly. With different views and functionalities for administrators, co-workers, and customers, the platform we built allows its users to connect to each other, update information and monitor processes at the push of one button; without having to juggle between a multitude of disparate systems and without risking details might slip through the cracks.

The admin experience

All admins with an active login have the possibility to:

  • access a customer registry where they will find contact information linked to each association or cooperative and their respective managers;
  • revise (edit and delete) existing accounts;
  • group customers and co-workers per specific activities;
  • upload and administrate documentation;
  • plan workforce activities;
  • check the newsfeed;

The co-worker experience

Co-workers can create and manage their own accounts as well.  An active login empowers them to:

  • schedule assignments across a list of customers;
  • report working hours for other users (admins and colleagues) to revise;
  • consult a calendar with all the booked activities already introduced in the system;
  • access contact information of peers and collaborators affiliated to each assignment;

The customer experience

Customers were not forgotten either.  An active login makes them equally involved in the process and puts them in a position to:

  • doublecheck bookings;
  • peruse through information about previous or future assignments;
  • reach the right people at Sweax;
  • upload documentation;
  • or get the latest news from the professionals at Sweax;

Reflections and Hosting solution

While other solution providers recommended an upper limit for the volume of data admitted by the system, we encouraged Sweax to think big.

For the finishing touches, we included in the package a hosting alternative on a VPS server: so that a surge in data (however relevant it may be) doesn’t ask for serious future investments ever again.

Just remember: a solid foundation to which you can add new features will always economically outsmart a software you will need to replace in a matter of years.


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