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January 31, 2017 Advertising

Advertising on demand – part 2 – Targeting private customers

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Target customers: individuals.

In case your product targets individuals, you will have to change your approach from a B2B (business to business) to a H2H (human to human). Got you there, didn’t I? Thought I would say B2C (business to consumer).

Well, there is nothing wrong with that either, however, what we see these days more and more of is an increasing group of companies interested in their customers´ experiences and feelings above everything else. How would their customers wish/imagine the product to look like on the inside? How would they want it packaged on the outside? Does using the product come in handy to them? How? Why is the product worth their attention? See? It is all about the customer. Hence it is of absolute necessity to KNOW this customer.

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January 10, 2017 Advertising

Advertising on demand

The winter holidays are now officially over and we are back in office ready to make your weeks funnier with our memes and share some of the experience we ourselves have and will continuously be accumulating as part of our journey.

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